When you take the Certified Personal Trainer Certification (CPCM) exam you will be given one question bank to complete. The test consists of five sections and each section is comprised of ten multiple choice questions. Your score from this question bank determines your overall score, which is determined by how many correct answers you have given out. As there are only five sections, it’s easy to see that you’ll need a good grasp of the material in order to pass the exam.

The question banks are broken down into two sections. The first section consists of two questions and the second consists of five. These questions are all based on the core body movement exercises that you need to know in order to effectively perform your job as a personal trainer.

The core body movements include walking, stretching, and standing. It is important to know these exercises so that when you are working with clients you will be able to accurately move them through their full range of motion. These movements are the backbone of effective fitness and exercise, so understanding how to properly do them will help you develop your skills.

When you finish up the first question bank, it is time to move onto the next one. This section is known as the core body stabilization movements. These movements should be performed with the client’s entire body in mind. If they don’t feel comfortable then you may want to start to modify the exercise so that it can be done properly.

The core body movement exercises consist of seated stability, lying stability, standing stability, and knee stability. These movements should be performed with the hips and thighs in mind. They should never be performed with the body’s abs in mind. The lower body must be strong while keeping the upper body strong.

The final question bank consists of three basic weight training exercises. The first two exercises are variations of sit-ups and push-ups and the last one is a great exercise to incorporate into your routine for body building.

The three bank exercises to work with are the floor press, the dumbbell row, and the hammer bend. Each of these exercises will help develop strength in your shoulders, abdominals, biceps, triceps, and legs. The floor press will work to increase the strength in your chest and shoulders, abdominals, biceps, and triceps and the hammer bend works to strengthen your legs.

This exam is not difficult to pass but it will require that you make a concerted effort to study before taking the exam. If you fail you will have to take another test in the future to get your certification. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t qualified. A person who passes the exam can easily earn a six figure income, not to mention being able to travel around the world.

To prepare for the CPCM exam you need to know what you want to focus on in your practice questions and how to think strategically to solve those problems. One of the questions you should concentrate on is if the answer you give will lead to the answer you want to find. This is a very important question, because if you do not show your reader that you have an answer then you are unlikely to find a solution to it.

You will need to have a good grasp of the knowledge behind the questions before you even begin to do your practice in the question bank. If you do not understand the information you need to know then you are likely to spend a lot of time memorizing what you already know. and won’t be ready to use it in your practice. Once you are familiar with the material then you can begin to apply it during your practice exercises.

In addition to practicing the questions you should also work to become more relaxed in the exam itself. If you aren’t as focused as you would be in a real exam you will likely get stressed out easily and that will affect the overall test. You will also be slower and you may find it difficult to find the answers that you need.

As you become more prepared for your exam, you will be able to relax and focus on the exam much more efficiently. If you find yourself getting stressed out in the test you may also become more stressed out during the actual test. If this happens you need to go back to your study guide and reread some of the topics you were not able to grasp in your practice questions to refresh your memory and get more clarity on the material that you studied.

What To Know About CPCM Exam 1 Question Bank

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